We provide comprehensive guidance to assist families in sending their children to college with the most cost effective method.

Early-Stage College Financial Planning

Customized strategies to help families of young children prepare for the cost of college. This package also includes special pricing for future admissions and academic planning. 

Early-Stage College Financial Planning

  • Step 1

    Assess your family's current financial picture

  • Step 2

    Review household expenses

  • Step 3

    Review upcoming life expenses outside of college planning

  • Step 4

    Review Retirement Plan

  • Step 5

    Create strategic college funding and retirement plan for all children and household

Complete College Planning

Our popular total comprehensive plan designed to help your student gain admission to their top choice colleges and personalized funding strategies to cover the cost of school.

College Funding
  • Assess your family’s current financial picture
  • Calculate EFC
  • Strategically reduce EFC, if possible
  • Evaluate average net out of pocket for each child’s education
  • Review household expenses
  • Review upcoming life expenses outside of college planning
  • Review retirement plan
  • Create strategic college funding & retirement plan for all children and household
Student Development
  • Student orientation to evaluate student standing
  • College planning counselor assigned to student
  • Personality, Interest and Abilities profiling
  • Create student development plan for high school years
  • Planning and review of course selections
  • Extracurricular activity involvement
  • SAT/ACT test taking assessment and scheduling
  • Campus and Department Visit Guidance
  • On-going meetings to continue developing student profile
  • Career assessment and outside research activities
  • Research and selection of major study fields
  • Create a balanced list of schools for student to apply to
Application Process
  • Determine parents and students ideal college environment
  • Develop a balanced list of colleges
  • Student College Applications Orientation
  • Create custom college planning calendar & checklist
  • College essays development and review
  • College applications review before submission
Intern & Early Career Coaching

We offer career solutions to start you on the way to a successful career. We will implement strategies to make you a stand-out candidate. Learn here what employers want you to know before you begin work.


Intern Ready Solutions

  • Interest & Assess
  • The Ultimate Portfolio
  • Branding Yourself
  • Application Assistance
  • How to Work an Internship/Career Fair
  • Networking 1-on-1
  • How to Stand out in Interviews
  • Special Extras

Career Ready Solutions

  • Determining Your WHY?
  • Job-Seeker Tips
  • Ultimate Portfolio
  • Branding Yourself
  • Know Your Worth
  • How to Work a Career Fair
  • How to Stand Out in Interviews
  • Networking 1-on-1
  • Resume Review/Revamp